Calibrator 2000

Dynamic calibration on site

The Calibrator 2000 is a portable calibration station. The calibration station is controlled by a PC or laptop. With this station it is possible to control or calibrate all existing ergometers. The Lode Calibrator 2000 is mounted on the axis of the ergometer. This system is approved by PTB (German independent institute) in Berlin, and is used by calibration institutes in Germany since 1993. The accuracy is according to the LMKM guideline of PTB.  Calibrations can be done up to 1000 watt. Due to the possibilities you create when using a normal PC to calibrate the calibrator you can print a calibration report for your customer and/or create your own database of calibration data.


A static calibration is used for some ergometers to check the assumed linear relationship between 2 workload points with use of weights. This type of calibration is not accurate because the driving gear is not taken into account and the relationship is not totally linear at higher and lower workloads. Historically mechanical ergometers are calibrated by this method the accuracy is shifting a lot between tests because the belt-length (mechanical braking part) is influenced by heatening. Static calibration is not fulfilling any relevant norm. Dynamic calibration is performed by a service engineer with a calibrator. The ergometer is calibrated at the axis in the total workload and rpm range (instead of 2 points without any movement of the driving gear). The data can be compared with the initial calibration report from the factory to check drifting in time. A calibration report is printed for the customer and stored by the service engineer. Dynamic calibration performed with a Lode calibrator is accurate and fulfills all relevant norms and certifications.

Part number

  • 919900


ISO 13485: 2016 Certificate
CE Certificate Stress Test and Force Measurement Devices
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


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Part number

  • 919900