LEM module Wingate Test plus

Easy to operate Sprint test for explosive power assessment

The LEM Expansion Module Wingate Test is a preprogrammed test protocol of the well-known Wingate test with specific visualisations, analysis and reports. It is also possible to adapt the preprogrammed Wingate test to your specific requirements. Besides the pedaling speed dependent and pedaling speed independent modes of the ergometer, the Wingate software gives you a “constant torque mode”. The Wingate test is a 30 seconds enduring sprint test in which the torque is kept constant at a rate depending on the bodyweight. With this option we obtain on-line information about anaerobe capacity and power. The data is corrected for the moment of inertia to give you the realistic information about the power output (depending on the acceleration of the test person).



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Part number

  • 928910


Manual LEM Wingate Test Plus English



Part number

  • 928910