Lode Ergometry Manager - LEM 9

Versatile data and ergometer management

The Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) is a software package used for controlling Lode ergometers and monitoring test subject ergometric parameters. The software enables the operator to program protocols, control ergometers, visualize, print, save and analyze ergometry data. The program also provides a patient database. The software has been developed and tested according to the Lode principles of accuracy, durability and reliability. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be extended with various modules, each with its specific functions and visualizations. The Lode Ergometry Manager can be used for testing and training in several rehabilitation settings, sports medicine, physiotherapy and research environments.


Intel Core based processor
processor family
Internal RAM 512 MB minimum PC internal memory
Minimum Free Hard Disk space 20 GB software and storage size requirement
CD Rom drive required
installation medium input
Number of free USB ports 1 for connection purposes
for input
for input
Microsoft Windows 7
compatible with Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
compatible with Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP SP3
compatible with Windows XP SP3 and newer
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
compatible with Windows 2000 SP4 and newer
Enduser upgradeable from LEM 8
can be upgrade by user from LEM 8.x
Upgradeable from LEM 7
can be upgrade from LEM version 7.x
Upgradeable from LEM 6
can be upgrade from LEM 6.x
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



The permitted range of Astrand protocol parameters is extended
Color coded text showing success/failure of ergometer/pfm connection attempt makes more sense: Red: No connection, Green: connection OK
Increased update frequency of PFM graphs from 1Hz to 10Hz to improve readability
Changed unit of 'Total Work' in wingate statistics from J to KJ, Export still uses Joule, because changing the unit there may break automated processing of the excel file.
Yes you can. Make sure the chipset used in the converter is from FTDI to have good data acquisition.
Not sure what this means? Contact us and we will help you to get the right converter.

Part number

  • 928902

Demo Software

928902 LEM 9.4.7 Demo Software

LEM Demo Software

955900 LEM 10.13.0 Demo software


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Manual LEM English



Part number

  • 928902