Smart and easy

The ProJump is a combination of a jump mat and software. The jump mat enables you to measure the jump power quickly and anywhere (indoor/outdoor). The jump mat is portable, rugged and has a waterproof design. The accompanying software includes standard jump tests which calculates and shows the results directly in the display. The ProJump jump mat is designed to perform various jump tests, including the maximum jump test. There are four jump tests available in the software:

Maximum Jump Test (display in seconds and cm)
Maximum Jump - Contact Time Test (sec)
Contact time - Maximum jump test (sec)
Time Lapse (15 sec) test (sec and W / kg)

Besides the four jump tests it also includes a stopwatch function and display of only the contact time.
The software operates as a module in Lode Ergometry Manager 10, which allows for patient management and reporting as well as connection to a hospital information system.


Accurate data acquisition

Data is accurately acquired from high quality sensors

Record and analysis in one software package

One comprehensive software package for the complete analysis: recording, analysing and reports

Quick and convenient jump analysis

Quick and convenient jump analysis equipped with LEM software

Water resistant

The system is water resistant


Easy installation

Lode Biometry products are easy to install

Flexible Protocols

With Lode Biometry software products you can generate and execute customized protocols in a flexible way.

LEM compatible

This product can be used with Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) software to manage data and to apply specific protocols

Designed to be sweat-proof

ProJump is designed in such way that sweat does not have the chance to drip into the mechanical parts. This ensures a long lifetime and makes the ergometer insensitive for malfunction.

USB connectivity

USB to connect to PC facilitates easy connectivity.

No maximum weight

There is no limit for the weight of the test subjects


ProJump is very efficiently designed. The system is portable allowing for measurements on verious locations


Minimum initiation force at 80 mm diameter 300 N Resolution of force per surface
Maximum response time 10 ms Time within which a respons is send
Cable length 3250 mm 128 inch length of cable
Product height (mm) 13 mm height of product in mm
Product length (cm) 60 cm 23.6 inch length of product in cm
Product width (cm) 50 cm 19.7 inch width of the product in cm
Maximum operational temperature 70 °C maximum temperature at which the device will work within specification
Minimum operational temperature -25 °C minimum temperature at which the device will work within specification
Internal RAM 512 MB minimum PC internal memory
CD Rom drive required
installation medium input
Number of free USB ports 1 for connection purposes
Microsoft Windows 8
compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
compatible with Windows 7
PC software included
software needed for operation included
All cables included
cables for installing the complete setup are included
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Part number

  • 991900


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

LEM Demo Software

955900 LEM 10.8.1 Demo software


M991900 - Manual ProJump English
M991900 - Manual ProJump Dutch


Brochure ProJump English
Brochure Rehabilitation English
Brochure ProJump German
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Poster ProJump English
Poster Rehabilitation English
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Part number

  • 991900