Valiant Plus without Control Unit

Phased out - support up till 2024

Modern designed treadmill with extra large running surface for various ergometry purposes. It can be controlled by external equipment. The Valiant Plus offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 1 – 25 km/h (0.6 – 15.5 mph). The treadmill can be controlled with the control unit or by external equipment. Standard elevation is 0-25% and the running surface is 170 x 60 cm. The function of this product can be enhanced by using it in combination with our Lode Ergometry Manager software.
Successor: Valiant 2 cpet XL



es the Valiant Treadmill can be controlled by LCRM. The treadmill is supplied with a RS232 port and can be controlled by a seperate com port.
Yes you can. Make sure the chipset used in the converter is from FTDI to have good data acquisition.
Not sure what this means? Contact us and we will help you to get the right converter.

Part number

  • 932912


CE Certificate Stress Test and Force Measurement Devices
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
IEC 60601-1:2005 – ed. 3 + C1 + C2 (treadmills) certificate
cTuVUS certificate OEM treadmill
FDA Registration certificate
Manufacturers Declaration of Conformity 21 Lode


Short manual Valiant English (September 2012)
Manual Valiant Dutch
Extended manual Valiant English
Manual Valiant French
Manual Valiant German
Manual Valiant Russian



Part number

  • 932912


FTDI Driver for USB

Interfacing protocols

AEI Technologies
Custo Med
Custo Diagnostic Stress ECG
MOXUS Modular Metabolic System