Conrad Earnest, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

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" We count on the reliability of our Excalibur Sport Ergometer"

In our testing labs we test a range of participants from those with various risk factors for disease as well performing nutrition and performance studies in athletes.

In order to fulfill our busy lab schedule we count on the reliability of our Excalibur Sport Ergometer and customized Valiant Treadmill that was custom built to my specifications.

The staff at Lode of been very helpful in fine tuning our treadmill to the exact specifications I required.

By using an extra wide and extra long treadmill belt that accommodates speeds ranging from 0.0 to 40 kmh in 0.1 kmh increments, uphill grades to 25% and a downhill grade of 10%, coupled with the Excalibur, I am confident that we can accommodate testing across all spectrums of research participants that visit our facilities.

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